How to Properly Watch College Basketball as a Spurs Fan

Future Spur Keldon Johnson In College For The University Of Kentucky
Photo via: Kentucky Athletics

The NBA season has already started and the Spurs have looked pretty good at times. They’ve also shown some struggles so it remains to be seen how good they might actually be this season. Regardless, college basketball season is officially upon us. And that means you are going to be watching for 2023 NBA Draft reasons.

How To Watch College Basketball

One great way to get a good idea of what a prospect might look like is to see how he plays against major out-of-conference competition. There is a whole post of those exact kinds of games to start the season and we even made two lists of those games for you! We even went so far as to list out some must-see tournaments taking place this year.

If the Spurs become less fun to watch, college basketball should be a nice respite for everyone. If you want to know which teams will have some of the best pro talent, you can click here. Those are certainly a good jumping-off points if you want one or two teams to follow throughout the season.

If you’re looking for specific players to watch, Project Spurs has created its own big board as well. Plenty of great players will hear their names called in June of 2023 so why not see them all? Just remember to ignore the AP Poll at all costs since it is only going to frustrate you and doesn’t give you any idea of how good teams really are throughout the season.

You can look forward to big game previews throughout the season and remember to just enjoy the games. They have no bearing on the Spurs but could give you some extra happiness if the Spurs get into some losing ways throughout the season.


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