February 24, 2024

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Paul Garcia

Paul is an editor, writer and content manager for ProjectSpurs.com and AnalyzingTheLeague.com. Paul has been a credentialed media member covering the San Antonio Spurs and NBA since 2011. He has been featured on numerous radio, tv, online and podcast shows.



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About the Spurscast

The Spurscast is the original San Antonio Spurs podcast and longest-running sports podcast, which first debuted in 2005. The show features weekly San Antonio Spurs news and analysis from training camp to the postseason. ProjectSpurs.com editor Paul Garcia and a rotating cast of Project Spurs staff members bring you the latest.

The Spurscast was recognized with a 2019 Best of the City Award by San Antonio Magazine, and has also been previously been mentioned by Yahoo Sports and the San Antonio Current among others.

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