Why the AP Poll is Useless and You Should Ignore It

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The college basketball season is upon us and the AP Poll has already been released with UNC topping it. That has stirred some talk about who the preseason favorite should be to win the title. Of course, North Carolina fans will tell you it should be them since the Tar Heels returned much of their roster. They have also added a key transfer, Pete Nance, from Northwestern.

The AP Poll top 10
The current top 10 teams on the AP Poll

The AP Poll Is Meaningless

You read that right. It has zero bearing on anything. It is purely a list of teams that voters and writers determine to be “so hot right now.” Fans get wrapped up in their team being ranked “properly” throughout the season. But in reality, the only thing that matters is making it to the NCAA Tournament and not getting seeded improperly.

So when you start watching your college basketball games this season, remember that the AP Poll should not determine your mood. Just assume the writers and voters hate your team and you’ll never have to worry about it again. In all seriousness, the best way to watch your favorite collegiate team, or just any college ball, is to look for who you think are the most fun players. Those are the guys you want to see in March on national television and know about them before your friends.

The committee that decides which teams make the NCAA Tournament and what seed they get does not bother with the AP Poll. So why should you? Only concern yourself with the fun teams to watch because those usually find their way to the tourney and give you a built-in reason to root for someone if you’re not usually a college ball fan. Of course, Houston is a good option for any Texas resident as the Cougars should be incredibly competitive this season after going to the Elite Eight last year.

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