Unselfish Playmaker and Shotmaker: Rob Dillingham Prospect Profile

Rob Dillingham on the court for Kentucky.
Photo via: Chet White/UK Athletics

This year’s Kentucky Wildcats are a loaded squad and have plenty of potential draft picks to choose from. There’s one who started high on mock drafts, has fallen a bit, and now seems to be gaining some ground. That is none other than point guard Rob Dillingham. The 6-foot-3, 176-pound guard has only started one game for the Wildcats, but has been sensationally efficient off the bench.

He has shown the ability to create for himself and others on his team. And he does so without turning the ball over too often. He was thought to not be such a great shooter originally but has turned that narrative around a bit in the games he’s played. Here are his splits so far in 14 games this season.

  • 14.4 PPG, 1.9 TOPG, 1.5 SPG, 4.1 APG, 3.5 RPG
  • 48.0 FG%, 44.4 3P%, 77.8 FT%
  • 25.3 PER, 118.8 ORtg, 98.1 DRtg

Rob Dillingham Breakdown

It remains to be seen if Dillingham is a true point guard, but he’s proven that he can be good enough as a secondary handler to warrant attention in the top 10 of this draft. He’s struggled to finish at the rim, but has a bevy of other finishing moves that help him get his shot off around the paint. He has a nice pull-up, reliable floater, and his handle helps him quite a bit.

He has a good pull-up jumper and utilizes it quite well. He’s able to get to it so often because of how shifty he is with his handles and navigates screens fairly well. What’s surprised scouts the most so far in his season is his ability to make tough reads and the passes that go with them. He’s constantly finding rim runners and slinging the ball cross-court to open shooters.

Assuming Dillingham’s trajectory continues in its current upward trend, he should be called in the top 10 of this draft. Especially with no dominant force arising from his collegiate peers or those overseas.

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