NBA Betting Continues during Hiatus


While NBA fans everywhere are disappointed by the abrupt halt to the basketball season, those who love the game are still constantly analyzing and refining their predictions. It’s not clear what the season will look like when it returns, but fans who are eagerly waiting can continue to make futures bets on what might happen when competitive games resume.

NBA fans who are quickly reading every scrap of news from the league during the break can place bets on what division or conference the eventual champion will come from, or how players will finish in end-of-season award races. Plenty of intrigue remains for both players and teams.

Reports suggest that during the month of May, the league will reevaluate the feasibility of continuing the season. If it does resume, it will likely be in a truncated format leading quickly into the playoffs, while offseason decisions such as drafting, free agency, and contract guarantee dates may have their timelines adjusted. Should the playoffs be held a few months after the planned date, some teams will benefit from the extra time to allow players to return from injury. On the other hand, rust from the restrictions on practice will undoubtedly affect play as well. How these factors combine and play out could have a huge impact on the season’s outcomes.

Additionally, the end-of-season results will impact draft seeding, while every week brings news of additional prospects declaring for the draft. The interruption in college and international games has left teams unable to scout prospects as thoroughly as in other years. The results of the season may also affect how players and teams evaluate their free agency decisions and trade options, meaning there are an endless number of scenarios for roster moves between now and the beginning of the 2021-2022 season. When it comes to gambling, one can get more info on casino news at

Given the uncertainty regarding how the season and playoffs may unfold, different propositions and options are available at different sites. With reviews of various online betting sites here, fans can play with confidence that they are using reputable, trustworthy, and enjoyable betting experience.

Understanding that fans range from casual bettors and professional players, Sports Betting Dime reviews sites from these varied perspectives, explaining to prospective players the pros and cons of over two hundred online betting sites. They also help users take advantage of the many offers and promotions offered by online betting sites. With everyone on the lookout for a good deal, this can help fans make the most of their online betting experience.

No one, from commissioner Silver on down, knows exactly what the rest of the NBA season and playoffs will look like. With the uncertainty comes excitement and suspense as we at Project Spurs, and fans everywhere, wait to see what the coming months hold for their team.


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