Having Fun With the San Antonio Spurs’ Cap Space Solutions

Fiesta Shorts Spurs Cap Space Solutions

The San Antonio Spurs are currently sitting on $35.68 million in practical cap space right now, per Sportrac. It would seem to make a lot of sense if they spent that money on basketball players for the upcoming season, but the way things are moving, it seems pretty likely that they won’t end up spending $35.68 million on basketball players.

Why? The Spurs already have 15 players for the active roster – assuming Gorgui Dieng signs his contract at some point between now and October. If they’re going to acquire other players, it’s going to involve a trade. I know we’re all waiting for the shoe to drop on a potential Kyrie Irving or Kevin Durant deal, but even if San Antonio somehow facilitates one or both of those potential moves, they’re not gonna fill the $35.68 million void by participating.

If not players then, what should the Spurs do with this money? I’ve got some ideas…

Coyoto dunks a basketball
We at Fiesta Shorts believe Coyote could make good use of this extra cash. Photo: Billy Calzada, Express News

Spurs Cap Space Solutions

A Shark Tank Floor

I don’t know exactly how much it would cost to turn the entire court in the AT&T Center into a dual-purpose basketball court/shark tank, but I believe it would cost several million dollars, based on this article I found about someone who put a $1 million shark tank in their Los Angeles mansion.

That person’s shark tank isn’t nearly as grand as the vision I have for the AT&T Center. The team could easily spend another $30 million to make it the most impressive in-arena shark tank in the world.

I think you’ll agree it would be a pretty cool and intimidating thing if you could have a shark tank in your home arena. It would be even cooler if you could train the sharks to be really scary toward opposing players. Something to think about, right Holt family? Hm? Hm? Just don’t ask me anything about the logistics, I’m merely the ideas guy.

A Giveaway at Every Home Game

I did some back-of-the-napkin math (thank you Google.com calculator) and it turns out $35.68 million is enough to give away an item worth $47.26 to every fan in attendance for all 41 home games this season. Here are some things I found on Amazon that meet that criteria:

Better yet, imagine if they partnered up with my pal Dakota at Campeche Collective to actually give out cool Spurs gear at games, instead of my dumb Jon Snow costume up there?

Give It to Coyote and Let Him Use It to Buy a Rocket So He Can Launch Himself Into Space

…Or at least a rocket big enough for Coyote to upstage the dudes from Jackass 2 when they launched themselves into a lake with a big red rocket.

An Overwhelmingly Extravagant Giveaway at Every Home Game

Instead of every single fan getting something at each home game, one way the Spurs could blow that $35.68 million would be to give away a single Aston Martin Valhalla Hypercar at each game.

Give It to a Single Fan at Random

And make one of the players hand it to that single fan in the form of an oversized check. Can you imagine, like, Tre Jones – whose 2022-23 salary is all of $1.7 million – showing all the restraint in the world as he hands over a $35.68 million check to some guy whose only athletic feat was being lucky enough to sit in section 219, row F, seat 7 at a Spurs home game?

It’s absolutely cruel and unusual, but we have to spend this money somehow.

Divide It Evenly Among the Active Roster As a Bonus

Pffffft, no! Boring!

Got any better ideas for how to should spend the Spurs’ cap space this season? Please let me know, I’m obviously no good at budgeting.

Thanks for reading, please be kind to each other out there.

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