August 9, 2022

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Fiesta Shorts: In Defense of Gregg Popovich During These “Unpleasant” Times

Hello and welcome to Fiesta Shorts, a new weekly series on Project Spurs. Before today, Fiesta Shorts, "A totally non-serious Spurs blog" existed as...
Fiesta Shorts Spurs Cap Space Solutions

Having Fun With the San Antonio Spurs’ Cap Space Solutions

The San Antonio Spurs are currently sitting on $35.68 million in practical cap space right now, per Sportrac. It would seem to make a...
Former Spurs free agents DeMarre Carroll and Marco Belinelli.

Let’s Grade San Antonio’s Front Office

A little while back, at my humble website Fiesta Shorts, I wrote a piece grading the Spurs’ draft picks from 2013 to 2019. I...
Derrick White dribbles the ball in a game versus Golden State

Stuff I Liked About the Spurs’ Four-Game Winning Streak

Editor's Note: This is Trace's debut piece on Project Spurs. He writes the Fiesta Shorts newsletter, which you should subscribe to. Also, feel free...