Spurs Sign Tre Jones to Three Year Deal


Update: The Spurs officially announced the signing of Tre Jones on Friday evening, 11/27/2020.


According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.com, the San Antonio Spurs will be signing second round draftee Tre Jones to a three year deal and in the third year of the deal, Jones will be able to enter restricted free agency.

In order to give Jones a three year deal, the Spurs will be using a portion of the non-tax payer mid-level exception. This will ‘hard cap’ the Spurs for the remainder of the season, meaning any other signings or trades the team puts together can’t cross the $138.9 million apron.

Jones will be the Spurs’ 14th player on the roster with a guaranteed contract. The Spurs can still add one more player on a guaranteed contract.

Both Spurs two-way slots are filled on the roster and the Spurs have Tyler Zeller on a non-guaranteed deal that has a late February decision deadline. The Spurs will also be adding Cam Reynolds to the training camp roster giving the team 18 players going into training camp so far.

The team can carry up to 20 players into training camp and the preseason, but the final roster needs to be trimmed down to 15 players and two two-way players before opening night.

Jones’ deal is likely for the minimum salary of $898K in year one, $1.5 million in year two, and $1.7 million in year three.

Jones was drafted in the second round with the 41st pick out of Duke recently in the 2020 NBA Draft.


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