Tony Parker doesn’t see retirement in the near future

San Antonio Spurs' Tony Parker averaged 19 points and 3.3 assists per game in France's EuroBasket championship run, and he also nabbed the EuroBasket MVP award.
A typical offseason, really.
So, with Spurs' training camp rearing it's ugly (pretty?) head, here's an irrelevant retirement question. Just for kicks.
Mr. Parker, take it away.
Via French site Midi Libre: 
"I do not understand why all journalists ask me this question!" Parker said. "I love my sport and I wish I could still play up to 37-38 years. I want to enjoy it! It has been thirteen years with the San Antonio Spurs and I hope to finish my career in San Antonio. My contract ends in late 2015 and then we will discuss an extension."
I feel you, bro. I don't like answering retirement questions after winning MVP awards, especially if I'm set to receive $25 million (not completely guaranteed money, to be fair) in the next two years, either. It's not cool. I've been there. 
He already retired from rapping, so let's just leave him alone until his contract nears expiration.
San Antonio has one guaranteed deal on their salary ledger in 2015-16, when Parker's contract expires, and two team options. They'll have loads of cap flexibility and it remains to be seen whether the Frenchman will factor into their plans.
But in case you were wondering what Parker might have planned after he hangs up his sneakers, don't expect him to be a head coach.
"I do not see myself coaching. However, I would appreciate having a role of a general manager of a team."
R.C. Buford, you have been warned.