NBA refs refute Rick Barry’s claim Ray Allen traveled in NBA Finals

I really hate to bring up bad memories, but prepare yourselves now San Antonio Spurs fans. This may take you right back to where you hoped you would never have to go again.
Rick Barry, father of ex- Spur Brent Barry, caused a bit of a stir recently, by claiming Heat's Ray Allen's clutch three point shot in the waning seconds of game 6 should not have counted. Barry, and a few others, claim Allen took three steps after getting the pass from teammate Chris Bosh, to set up his clutch three-pointer.
This week, NBA officials gathered in New Jersey for their annual preseason summit. During the meeting, this topic was discussed, and the officials came to the conclusion that Rick is wrong and there was no travel. I know… shocking!

From Brian Windhorst of
On Thursday the league invited some members of the media to look at some of the work the officials have been doing and discuss some minor rule changes and adjustments. But one thing that came up was Allen’s huge shot. Was it or wasn’t it a travel?
The answer from the best in the world was definitive: No.
Barry and others feel that Allen took three steps, one more than allotted, before shooting the ball. Looking at it frame-by-frame, indeed there is some gray area there. Under league rules, a player is permitted two steps after the “gather.”
So essentially, the play boils down to when you believe the "gather" began in relation to Allen's' steps.
The NBA rule on traveling was described by the league this way:
"A player who receives the ball while moving is allowed a two count rhythm but must release the ball prior to the third step touching the floor."
In all honesty, after looking myself, I have trouble coming to a definite conclusion. One angle it looks like a travel, and the next seems legal and choppy YouTube videos make it even more difficult.
I vote for a do-over.
How about you, Spurs fans? Travel or no travel?
Now go do something to put this bad memory back to bed. I recommend something fermented.