Spurscast Ep. 465: Aldridge’s Preseason, Spurs’ uptick in 3s, Lineup Versatility, and more


In Episode 465, Spurcast host Paul Garcia is joined by fellow Project Spurs writer Tom Petrini, where both writers dive into an assortment of Spurs topics; from Kawhi Leonard’s injury situation, LaMarcus Aldridge as the Spurs’ focal point in the preseason, the Spurs increasing their 3-point attempts, and the lineup versatility San Antonio can put on the floor when healthy. Afterward, Paul and Tom read and answer multiple Twitter questions from fans using the #Spurscast on a variety of Spurs-related topics.

Spurs topics in this episode:

  • How will Leonard’s return impact the team on offense?
  • Aldridge spacing the floor and the team finding him in comfortable spaces on offense during the preseason
  • Coach Popovich on the impact of the 3-pointer in today’s NBA and how the Spurs are showing they may increase their volume of attempts
  • The lineup versatility San Antonio can put on the floor at different positions
  • #Spurscast questions about Aldridge’s play when Leonard returns, Murray and Mills’ play at the point guard spot, Kyle Anderson’s role and the Spurs’ bench as a whole.

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