Spurs Player Database for 2020-2021 Season


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Welcome to the Spurs Player Database for the 2020-2021 season. Let’s review the tabs located in this database.

Shooting Tab

On the Shooting tab, you’ll be able to see where Spurs players shoot from most often and how effective they are from each area on the floor.

By scrolling to the right, you’ll see how the Spurs shoot from three by either pull-up 3s or how often the defense is leaving specific Spurs players open on purpose with wide open 3s.

Shot Creation Tab

On the shot creation tab, you’ll see how the Spurs are performing when driving the ball or posting up, and whether that’s more likely to lead to a shot, assist, or turnover. Efficiency is also tracked on this page.

Deflections Tab

Using hustle stats from the NBA, you’ll see how many Spurs played are creating deflections on defense and on a per minute basis.

Opponent Wide Open 3s Tab

This tab shows you how many wide open 3s opponents are taking against the Spurs’ defense for each game and on average.

All data collected from NBA.com/stats


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