Eddie wins three point contest


While his brother Stephen may have taken home NBA three-point trophy a night before, Seth Curry could not match Austin Spurs forward Jarell Eddie to win the contest as part of the D-League Dream Factory.

Eddie notched 24 points his first round, and got off to a fiery start in the second, beating Curry’s score by the time he finished the third rack. Eddie finished with 25 in the championship round as the pressure was off on the last two racks.

Eddie displayed a smooth shooting motion and managed to be very fluid from picking up the ball to releasing it. While having to look down and grab the next ball can be troublesome to some shooter, who are used to hitting spot-up shots off assists.

Eddie displayed the range he has shown all season long with the Spurs, as he has knocked down 43 percent of his three-pointers, along with his average of 12 points per game.

Bryce Cotton, who was selected to the D-League All-Star Game, did not play due to illness.


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