All-Star Selections could help D-League players make more money


There is no secret that players in the NBA’s Developmental League have a concerning topic of the salaries that the players receive.  It has been well-documented that the players in the D-League are placed on three salary levels which range from $13,000 salary up to $25,000.

The way the economy is today, the amount of money these players do not get would make it hard for anyone to live off of.

There are though some incentives that could come to a player if he reaches a certain status, this being All-Star recognition.

(H/T DLeagueDigest.Com)

According to a source, players can earn anywhere between $1,000-$3,000 if they are named to any of the year end All-NBA D-League teams, or win any of the individual awards i.e. MVP, Defensive Player of the Year Award.

Players can also add more to their wallet if their team wins the championship, secures the runner up spot in the playoffs, or takes home a division championship during the season. That can range from $500-$1,000 according to the source. But, players do not receive any financial benefit for being awarded NBA D-League All-Star honors.

Sounds good about a player making $1,500 extra for getting an All-Star nod doesn’t it?  If the said player is an A-Level Player who is not only headed to an All-Star selection or possibly an end of season award, and on a team that made a significant run in the playoffs, that could propel the said players salary to over $30,000.

If you were in this situation, how would you feel about what could possibly be?


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