Ginobili: Future is in U.S., NBA


If Virtus Bologna owner Claudio Sabatini says San Antonio Spurs’ Manu Ginobili is more important to the roster than Kobe Bryant, well he might want to find some other locked out player because Ginobili isn’t making a return to his former team anytime soon.

Ginobili says he will now wait a bit longer to make a decision on whether to play in Italy due to the on-going NBA lockout.

“Right now my future is in Bahia and in the NBA. I hope it is resolved soon. Unless the NBA (is) suspended two months, it would be something to consider my options again, my future is in the U.S.”

Though he has not ruled out playing in Italy, this should come to the relief of many Spurs fans and coaching staff. They rather see him simply training in Argentina than having to endure the rigors of playing professional ball in Italy and risk injury.

Manu went on to say the thought of playing with Bryant excited him but family matters dictated his decision to hold off packing his things for Italy.

“The truth is that I was very excited (about) the possibility, I wanted, then I thought a little more (about) my family, and (they would have) to move too.”

Spoken like a true family man but the vision of Manu and Kobe playing side-by-side would have been something great to see. However, I think Spurs fans will be OK without seeing this come to fruition.

Manu also chimed in with his thoughts on the lockout.

“I think us players, we have compromised a lot. Anyway, what we all want is to play as soon as possible.”

What do you have to say about Manu delaying the move to Italy Spurs fans?