ESPN writers list Tony Parker as NBA’s 28th best


The most recent San Antonio Spurs player to pop up on ESPN’s Top 500 NBA players is the third amigo himself. Tony Paker clocked in at number 28, just ahead of Joakim Noah and Andrew Bynum and just behind Rudy Gay, Marc Gasol and Al Horford.

As many of the writers not, Parker had a bit of a resurgence this past season after being injured for parts of the previous two seasons. Along with Manu Ginobili, Parker was one of the catalysts of the Spurs new uptempo offense.

I think many people, this writer included, might remember Parker’s season more fondly had he stepped up in the playoffs. It was hard to complain about his regular season productivity (17.5 ppg and 6.6 apg).

Personally, I’d say this is just about right. I wouldn’t trade Tony Parker for Joakim Noah, who was ranked just below him and because of his injury history I probably wouldn’t trade him for Bynum… probably. However, if I were Memphis, there’s no way I’m giving up Rudy Gay or Marc Gasol for TP. Atlanta would probably hang up the phone before listening to a Parker for Horford. There are also guys lower on this list I would trade Parker for (Josh Smith, Steph Curry, Andre Igudola), but I feel like if we’re going on skill level and importance to his team last season, this is about right. Here’s what some of the other Project Spurs’ writers had to say about TP’s placement:

Jeff Garcia: Pretty much agree with his spot, however, I will be curious which point guard is next to be listed. To me that is more telling than the two players put in front of him.

Paul Garcia: Wow, Gasol and Gay over TP? I’d thought TP would have a lower rank than those two guys.

What about you Spurs fans? Is number 28 a good landing spot for Parker?