Games of the Week (3/23-3/29)


A look ahead at the Spurs games for the week.

Date: Tuesday, March 24 (7:30)
Team: Golden State Warriors (H)
Why you should care: After a disappointing 1-3 week with all the losses coming by three points or less, the Spurs can hopefully shake off their mental breakdowns against 25-45 Warriors. In their two games earlier this year, the Spurs won one in a blowout and the other in overtime. I’m guessing we are headed for another close game just based on how the team is playing right now. We all know the Warriors like to push the ball and get up and down the court, so it will be high scoring. Right now the Spurs are in a funk, and the Warriors are a team they can blowout, but I’m not counting on it.  

Date: Wednesday, March 25 (6:00)
Team: Atlanta Hawks (A)
Why you should care: Atlanta has successfully held onto the fourth seed in the East with a 41-29 record, which would put them out of the playoffs in the West. Still, they can present a challenge with their youth and athleticism. The Hawks are a somewhat bipolar team who is just as likely to go on a nice six game winning streak as it is to go on a four game losing streak. They have wins against some of the top teams in the league and losses against some of the worst. It’s hard to predict how this team will play.

Date: Friday, March 27 (7:30)
Team: Los Angeles Clippers (H)
Why you should care: Nothing cures a slump like playing the worst franchise in sports. The last two times these teams have met, the Spurs won in blowouts. It’s no secret that Mike Dunleavy has mis-managed this team beyond belief and has done a pitiful coaching job. If there is one game the Spurs can win easily, it should be this game. Hopefully that means Tim Duncan can sit most of the fourth quarter and rest up for Sunday’s game.

Date: Sunday, March 29 (7:00)
Team: New Orleans Hornets (A)
Why you should care: The Spurs are only one game ahead of the Hornets and only 3.5 games ahead of the Mavericks, who are in 8th place in the West. The difference between the 2nd seed and the 8th seed is four games, so any time two playoff teams play it can disrupt the seedings easily. The Hornets have played well lately and Tyson Chandler has stepped up his game after the trade fiasco with Oklahoma City. I’ve said it numerous times and I’ll continue to say it, every single game matter now more than ever. I know some people like to act like seeding doesn’t matter for the Spurs, but I believe they would rath
er have the 2nd or 3rd seed than the 6th or 7th seed. Games like this one will decide that.