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If you are into the social media scene, you are probably aware of the microblogging service Twitter, where you can give status updates on the web or through a mobile device. I joined twitter two years ago, Jeff joined a few months back, some of our blogger friends are on and even a few of our readers and listeners are using the service. I even met and recruited one of our writers, Shawn, on twitter.

Since the all-star break, we’ve seen an influx of NBA players and teams jump on the twitter bandwagon, but Spurs players were very slow to jump on…until now.
We now have Fabricio Oberto, Bruce Bowen, Michael Finley and possibly also Manu Ginobili tweeting regularly.
To mark this occasion, Jeff and I have decided to start a new series here on Project Spurs called Tweeting From The Bench, where we give you a list of tweets from each player that will never make it online. Please keep in mind that these were not posted by the players themselves. 

obricio7 Sitting on bench. Really hating KT, Gooden right now. So they can rebound, score, have an outside shot, hustle but can they match my volleyball skills on the court?

Bowen 12 Just screamed at towel boy. I asked for some “G” and he brought me gatorade G drink. Doesn’t he know G stands for geritol?

Da_Finster Lost lots of weight on the off season. Check. Missing open shots. Check. Missing free throws in a game but happy people are pointing out parker as a choker. check!

obricio7 I keep hearing Spurs fans say this team needs a center. Wait, what’s a center?

Bowen12 I see Fin jumped on twitter and followed in my footsteps like always. He takes my spot and thinks I’m gonna follow him. BLOCK!

Da_Finster Finally get a chance to sit down and get a rest while Bowen gets in his 4 minutes a game. Might as well throw the coyote in. And I can say all this bc BRUCE ISN’T FOLLOWING ME

obricio7 benefit of losing minutes is being able to get to know mahinmi. just found out he is black! weird

Bowen12 Wondering if I should invest in ankle insurance

Da_Finster if only pop knew i was 50 yrs old…and oden is my son

obricio7 wearing sunglasses on the bench. Bonner’s pastiness is blinding me

Da_Finster I dont know what’s slower, Bruce on defense or Yardley’s Spa Treatments

obricio7 getting a haircut today. must let the stylist to use the jaws of life to cut this manly mane of hair

If you have any tweets to add to this series, email them to us to see if they make the cut for the next list.

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