Project Spurs Top 5 Teams in the Western Conference for March 18, 2009


With the NBA season rapidly ending, here is the latest Project Spurs Power List.

1.  Lakers — Still no Bynum but no sign of this team slowing down.  They pretty much made all Texas teams their bitch.  They went to Texas and beat the Rockets, and Spurs then hosted the Mavs and beat them.  They did drop a game versus Philly and do show signs of complacency when they let both the Spurs and Mavs back into the  game.
2.  Jazz — This team is winning at the right time.  A scary team to face in the first round too.  14-1 record of late and Boozer is back.  Let’s see how long he last before going down with another injury.
3.  Rockets — Isn’t it apparent, this team is better off without Tracy McLADY.  They are 9-2 without him and won 12 games straight at home.  Plus Artest, talking shit to Kobe aka the Rapist, gets major points.
4.  Hornets — Tyson Chandler trade fell through and it might be a blessing in disguise for the Hornets.
5.  Spurs — They are not looking good.  Getting raped against the Lakers, couldn’t shake the T-Wolves nor the Wiz until late in the game, and injuries to Manu and Duncan should make Spurs fans nervous.  Tony Parker is keeping this team afloat with huge games but he needs help.  Finley and Thomas have stepped up lately but who else is?  Bonner seems to have cooled off and Udkoa is getting minutes but is up and down with his shot.  Oh and one more little point…..this god dammed, no heart, gutless, piece of shit team blew a huge lead and lost to the Thunder!  THE THUNDER!  Losing to the Thunder is by far the lowest point this season for the Spurs.