Film Room: San Antonio Spurs without LaMarcus Aldridge


By Rob Trejo Jr.

On this episode of Bucking Spurs Film Room, with LaMarcus Aldridge officially out for the San Antonio Spurs return to action in Orlando, this film room breaks down the 4-6 (10 game) sample size from this season in games where LaMarcus Aldridge was inactive for the night.

We will dive into how LMA being out affects both sides of the floor. Also, we will dive into what we can expect offensively from other Spurs players on the roster. We take a look at the defensive end we well to see how Jokab Poeltl and Trey Lyles fared without Aldridge.

Video Breakdown

0:00 – Intro
0:31 – Missing the LMA Factor
2:04 – Offensive side effects
5:25 – Clearing The Lanes
6:11 – Defensive Concerns
8:55 – Outro


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