Report: Ginobili injures ankle in Argentina


San Antonio Spurs’ Manu Ginobili has apparently hurt one of his ankles again. This comes from today’s edition of Argentinian paper La Nueva Provincia.

Ginobili has been in his home town of Bahia Blanca, Argentina training with other members of the Argentinian national team, when he suffered a mild sprained right ankle while playing a pick up game at a local high school. Apparently Ginobili went up for a three-point shot and came down wrong on his ankle. Though he was able to gingerly walk on his ankle so perhaps it’s not as serious.

La Nueva Provincia reports Manu was immediately taken to the locker room, where ice was put on the ankle. The report also goes on to say doctors did confirm he suffered a mild sprained ankle. The English translation is a little rough, but it sounds like Manu and the doctors weren’t incredibly worried about the sprain, though I’m sure Spurs officials are less then pleased to hear this news.

This news comes on the same day Manu said he had no plans to head to Europe until December at the earliest.

OK Spurs fans, what do you have to say on this? Though he was able to walk on it, I’m sure it doesn’t sit well with you.