Spurs’ Popovich on Cavs’ James returning to Cleveland

“You guys always have something to say. If LeBron went right, you say he should have went left. If he shot, he should have passed it and if he passed it, he should have shot it. I always thought that was all baloney. He knows a whole lot more about what he’s doing and what he’s been doing than all of y’all. I’m just happy for him – whether he went to Timbuktu, he should do what’s best for him and his family. Everyone else can go swim in a lake, so to speak. You all do what you want to do and LeBron should be able to do what he wants to do.”

5 things to watch: Spurs vs. Cavs

The San Antonio Spurs (6-4) will visit the new-look Cleveland Cavaliers (5-4), as well as reacquaint themselves with LeBron James after dispatching the Heat in last season’s NBA Finals. The Spurs are coming off a 100-75 thrashing of the Sixers at home. Matt Bonner scored 18 points to pace the Spurs in the win. The […]


Spurs Jesus forgives Facebook after recent troubles

At first it was Charles Barkley, but after regaining access to his Facebook page on Wednesday the infamous Spurs Jesus added Facebook to the list of those he has forgiven. Spurs Jesus, who asked that his real name be withheld, says that the series of events leading up to the reinstatement of his page were […]

Video: Tim Duncan can’t contain his ‘excitement’ in latest Foot Locker commercial

As if the latest San Antonio Spurs H-E-B videos weren’t enough to get you laughing, comes this new Foot Locker featuring “The Big Fundamental” himself, Tim Duncan.

In the commercial, two kids are super excited for the release of new sneakers featuring some of the NBA’s biggest stars called, “The Week of Greatness.”

Enter the often stoic Chicago’s Derrick Rose showing his “excitement” over the release of the new sneakers when he phones Duncan where he is very “excited” to the point he tops over a small plant.

Check out and prepare to laugh Spurs fans as Duncan is as “excited” as you will ever see him! (more…)

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Building the Machine (Volume 1)

Through their first 10 games, the San Antonio Spurs are off to a 6-4 start. While bringing back all 14 members from last year’s title team made it seem like this team would excel right out of the gates, the early injuries, having to work through the process, and simply making shots, has been part […]

The new H-E-B Spurs commercials are here and they are hilarious

They’re back!

The famously hilarious San Antonio Spurs’ H-E-B commercials are here and they are a home run yet again!

Once again, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili are featured including Patty Mills and Kawhi Leonard lending supporting roles.

From Duncan’s teammates cheering on him to wear a toga, Manu a guru in touch with the Earth to the team pushing Mills to say “barbie” in his Australian accent, these commercials will make you laugh. (more…)

Hawks’ DeMarre Carroll admits Atlanta trying to become ‘Spurs East’

Consistency. Champions. Title contenders. The gold standard of NBA franchises. Those are but a few words to describe the San Antonio Spurs and their excellency year in and year out. So it goes without saying, many NBA team look to copy the Spurs’ blueprint to the point other teams fire former assistant coaches. Such as […]

San Antonio Spurs v Houston Rockets

The Most Dominant Division in Basketball

Through nine games, the San Antonio Spurs find themselves with a record of 5-4.  This isn’t exactly where they’d like to be but given all the injury problems, the strength of schedule they’ve faced, the three sets of back-to-backs they’ve already had, and the number of road games they’ve already played, combined with their propensity […]


Spurs to replace Duncan with Marc Gasol?

It is no secret that San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan is nearing the end of his long, iconic career. The five-time NBA Champion has seen it all from Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James. He has been through it all from heartbreaking losses to nail biting wins, but it is never too early […]

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About A Win: Spurs 100, Philadelphia 75

AT&T CENTER – With 9:12 remaining in the fourth quarter Monday, Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich subbed in Matt Bonner for Kyle Anderson. With a 76-64 lead, Popovich inserted a lineup with one guard (Danny Green), and four power forwards – Austin Daye, Bonner, Jeff Ayres, and Matt Bonner. The lineup would only stay in […]


5 things to watch: Spurs vs. 76ers

The San Antonio Spurs (5-4) will finally return to the AT&T Center and host the win-less Philadelphia 76ers (0-9). The Spurs recently went 3-1 on a road trip though California. The Spurs lost to the Kings 91-94 in Sacramento. Manu Ginobili led the Spurs with 21 points on 15 shots, 5 assists, 4 rebounds, and 3 […]

Spurs Roundtable: How have the Spurs been looking after nine games? (Video)

On this episode of the San Antonio Spurs Roundtable, Project Spurs’ Jeff Garcia and Aaron Preine break down the Spurs after starting the season 5-4.

Are there any chemistry issues? Who have the Spurs been missing more Patty Mills or Tiago Splitter? What about the up-and-down start? Also on the show, the duo discusses Kawhi Leonard’s future with the team? He says he wants to be a Spur for life but will the team open the vault?

All this and much more including Tim Duncan vs. Kobe Bryant – who has had the better career? (more…)

San Antonio Spurs v Los Angeles Lakers

Gregg Popovich gives his all-time Spurs starting five & more

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich does a lot of interviews, but it seems a rather important one slipped through the cracks. When you click that link, you’ll likely have to translate it and that’s because it’s in Italian. The interview conducted was with Corriere Della Sera, an Italian newspaper based in Milan and […]