Why San Antonio Sports Fans Should Support the Houston Texans over the Dallas Cowboys

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San Antonio sports fans, if you’re looking for a real chance to show your hometown pride and support local teams then the Houston Texans should be top of mind. Whether you’re someone who has been a longtime fan or someone just getting into the football scene, this article will provide insight into why supporting the Houston Texans makes far more sense than hopping on the Dallas Cowboys hype train. Every team needs resolute supporters to enjoy success so let’s rally behind our closest NFL franchise and usher in an era where San Antonio sports fans are seen as some of the most passionate nationwide.

Before you say it, we will address the giant elephant in the room. Yes, the Texans have been hopeless in the NFL in the last few seasons. In fact, in the 20 seasons they have played since their creation in 2002, they have only made the playoffs six times, and last season could have been their worst yet.

The Texans finished with a dismal record of three wins and 13 losses last term, the worst in the entire AFC and only topped by the Chicago Bears and their 3-14 record in the NFC. As such, it’s no surprise that Bovada’s Super Bowl betting odds make them the +15000 rank outsiders for the Lombardi in the upcoming season. But despite that, we are going to provide you with four reasons as to why you should be routing for the Texans next season, rather than the Cowboys.

Geographic Proximity

The decision of which football team to support can be quite contentious – especially when it comes to the Lone Star State. San Antonian sports enthusiasts often find themselves divided between the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans. If you’re a sporting hipster you may have considered the XFL’s San Antonio Brahmas, but let’s face it, there are only two real choices. And when it comes down to it, proximity to one another geographically might be the decisive aspect.

San Antonio’s proximity to Houston’s NRG Stadium makes it convenient for fans who want to travel to a game in person. Meanwhile, a trip to see the Cowboys play in Dallas, specifically at the admittedly awe-inspiring AT&T Stadium in Arlington, would take over five hours – almost twice as long. With plenty of talent and determination on the field, as well as an impressive 2023 draft under their belt, the Houston Texans are an excellent choice for San Antonio natives looking for a close-to-home team to root for.

Supporting a Younger and Upcoming Team

While the Dallas Cowboys may have been the traditional choice for Lone Star State residents for decades, it’s time to shift our gaze to the Houston Texans. Why should we show support for this younger, upcoming team? For starters, they offer a breath of fresh air to a football season that has been dominated by the same old faces.

The Houston Texans have also demonstrated great promise, boasting a squad full of powerful athletes hungry to establish themselves on the field. We can participate in something fresh and interesting while still cheering on our own state by supporting this team.

No Controversial History

Although the Cowboys have a distinguished past, it has not been without controversy, including claims of drug usage and domestic abuse. San Antonians may find it challenging to completely support a club with such a damaged reputation since their city takes pride in qualities like integrity and respect. The Houston Texans, on the other hand, have a reputation for being involved in the community and emphasizing player development.

Rooting for the Underdog

As we’ve already indicated, San Antonians must choose their side under terrible circumstances. Even though the Cowboys are a well-known and respected team, there is a special charm to supporting the underdogs. The Texans’ young roster and bright future give them a chance to become football’s next wonderful thing.

You’ll be a part of something fresh and exciting while also advancing Texas football if you encourage them and show your support. So, let’s put away the cowboy hats and embrace the Texans’ love of the underdog. After all, nothing is more gratifying than taking part in a team’s ascent to success.

It’s Time for a Change

Numerous sports enthusiasts in San Antonio have been rooting for the Dallas Cowboys for many years. But something needs to change. A way to buck convention and attempt something different is to support the Houston Texans. Supporting the Texans might also give sports fans in San Antonio a fresh lease on life. After all, change is always good.

In addition to being a younger and fresher squad, the Texans provide San Antonio supporters a chance to expand their horizons and get to know another part of Texas. Additionally, the Texans have a distinguished history of charity giving, making them a team that San Antonio supporters can be especially proud of. So, let’s embrace change this season and support the Texans.


In conclusion, San Antonio sports fans should naturally choose to root for the Houston Texans over the Dallas Cowboys. They have many good reasons to transfer allegiances, including their proximity to Houston, the continuous rivalry, supporting a younger squad, not having a contentious past, and the desire for a change. The Houston Texans has a lot to enjoy for sports lovers in San Antonio, from their distinctive war cry “We are Texans” to their dynamic team and devoted fan base.



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