Monday Fun: Matt Bonner Opens Portal To NBA Gods


Matt Bonner has had some great performances for the Spurs in this young NBA season. He dunked on the Raptors, had 16 points off the bench against the 76’ers, and of course Spurs fans remember his 28 point output against the Utah Jazz.

Spurs fans and even NBA fans might wonder, what has gotten into Bonner?  Is this the same guy we poke fun of for his awkward looking drives, funky yet effective shooting stroke, and lackluster defense?

Well Project Spurs investigated this strange occurrence and we recently captured photos of Bonner tapping into some inter-dimensional portal to the NBA basketball gods to receive his epic basketball skills.  Here is the evidence:

Photo 1:

Here notice Bonner seems to be on some mountain opening up the portal. You can see he appears to be giving up his soul and shooting it outwards to open the portal to the basketball gods.







Photo 2:

Here Bonner has fully received his basketball skills as the portal is opened at its fullest.







Still not convinced?  Check out the video for yourself.

Finally an explanation to Matt Bonner’s good play of late for the Spurs.  As Spurs fans let’s hope he continues to open this portal to benefit the Spurs this season.