Video: The days after Da’Sean Butler’s knee injury


San Antonio Spurs’ Da’Sean Butler’s playing days at West Virginia University made him a shoe-in first round NBA draft pick. But the unfortunate knee injury he suffered in the 2010 NCAA Final Four almost dashed his NBA hopes.

However, the Spurs gave him a chance to show the world his injury hasn’t set him back and is working hard to prove he does indeed belong on basketball’s highest court.

It’s been well documented he has been training like a man possessed in the offseason but what about the minutes and days after he suffered the horrific knee injury? How did he react? How did he handle the days leading up to the NBA draft? What did he have to go through mentally and medically to get to this point?

Check out this feature on Butler on the days after his infamous injury. The lengths and hard work Butler has gone through to get to this point with the Spurs is truly inspirational.