Agreement in place between Ginobili, Virtus Bologna?


Though reports have been swirling around the Internet regarding Kobe Bryant heading to Italy for the duration of the lockout, no deal has been signed between the parties.

However, should Bryant not ink a deal with Virtus Bologna, is an agreement in place (via for San Antonio Spurs’ Manu Ginobili to return to his former team?

Emiliano Carchia: No big news on Kobe Bryant and Virtus Bologna this morning. But it is rumored that if Kobe won’t come, (Claudio) Sabatini already agreed with Ginobili.

Though it is just a reported rumor, Manu more than likely is waiting word on the lockout and whether it will erase the upcoming season or if some games will be lost. Either way, I’m sure there will be an opt-clause for Ginobili to return to San Antonio once the lockout is over.

Also, do not forget Tony Parker is reported to make his decision this week on whether he will play in France for ASVEL for the duration of the lockout as well.

As all NBA fans await word on the outcome of the CBA negotiations, Spurs fans also will wait to see if two of the “Big 3” will be taking their talents overseas.


Emiliano Carchia: Herb Rudoy, Ginobili’s agent, denied that the Argentinean guard has agreed with Virtus Bologna in case they won’t sign Kobe Bryant (via