TP to stay with Asvel if season canceled, looking to add Diaw


As pretty much everyone is bracing for the possible news the 2011-2012 NBA season will be canceled, San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker is also contemplating what he will do should such news become a reality.

Currently, Parker is lacing up his sneakers for French club Asvel-Villeurbanne during the lockout but did state (via that he would finish out the season with Asvel if the entire season is canceled.

“I would finish the season with ASVEL.”

It makes sense that he would simply finish out the Asvel season. Currently, the team in playing in the 2011 Eurocup and Parker has been playing great. He has won MVP of the month and week honors since joining Asvel. Not to mention he is also part owner of the team.

In case you didn’t know, Parker also serves as the team’s VP of Basketball Operations, and on his plate would be to hopefully add fellow Frenchman Boris Diaw to Asvel’s roster if the entire season is axed. 

“If the NBA season is canceled, I would make him an offer to play with ASVEL.”

And should Diaw accept Parker’s offer, Asvel would become a who’s-who of French NBA stars. Aside from Parker, New York Knicks’ Ronny Turiaf also signed with Asvel for the duration of the lockout.

At this rate, I am sure Asvel fans are hoping the lockout lasts a bit longer.