Duncan set to lose $887k due to lockout


As the holiday shopping season is set to kick off this Friday, all NBA players won’t be receiving some of their paychecks due to the ongoing NBA lockout. One name on the list of players to lose their first paycheck is San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan according to CNBC’s Darren Rovell.

Duncan is due roughly $21,000,000 in this final year of his contract but with the lockout in continuation, no players are to receive any of their money owed until a new Collective Bargaining Agreement is decided upon by the players and the owners.

For a player like Duncan, he’s already going to be Hall of Fame bound and he’s collected a multitude of fortunes since being drafted overall back in 1997 by the Spurs. He’s also had an endorsement deal with Adidas that has made him one of their prime marketing personal.

The one thing that makes Duncan different from a lot of other superstars is that he was one player who always took less than could have been offered so that his team (the Spurs) would always stay in competition for a chance at the title with room to spend on role-playing free agents.