The Leonard Injury Situation: Back in New York


If you looked at the San Antonio Spurs’ bench Thursday during the Spurs’ 103-99 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder, you might have noticed Kawhi Leonard was not visible sitting behind the team.

Well, it appears Leonard wasn’t in San Antonio at all Thursday, and instead, he’s been in New York since last Monday to continue the rehabilitation on his right quad injury under the supervision of Leonard’s outside medical team, per

In the latest report, ESPN notes that the Spurs have sent staff with Leonard to New York to monitor the situation, where Leonard has been working out at the NBAPA’s headquarters. There was also the mention of optimism waning that Leonard will be able to make a comeback by the end of the regular season, or the playoffs.

Saturday, the team officially announced Leonard will miss Sunday’s game against the Houston Rockets, which would give Leonard five regular season games to try to make the comeback at least in the regular season.

This trip to New York could also be something productive for Leonard’s return. There’s the reasoning that he’s going to New York to try to get cleared by his medical team, which in turn could make more progress for him to rejoin the Spurs.

Here’s a timeline of the Leonard injury situation which dates all the way back to late September.

09/30/2017 – The Spurs announced Leonard is under a rehabilitation program for right quadriceps tendinopathy and he’ll miss the entire preseason.

12/12/2017 – Leonard makes his regular season debut at Dallas.

01/13/2018 – Leonard played in nine games with two-day rest guidelines and the game against Denver on January 13 was his last that he has participated in so far, this season.

01/16/2018 – Leonard seeks outside medical consultation in New York (per ESPN).

01/17/2018 – The Spurs announced Leonard is out for an indefinite period of time as he continues his rehabilitation process from right quadriceps tendinopathy.

February 2018 – During a span of days during the All-Star break, Leonard reportedly was in New York working out at the NBPA headquarters under the supervision of his medical team.

03/17/2018 – A players-only meeting was held with Leonard after the team defeated the Minnesota Timberwolves that evening.

03/19/2018 – Leonard was not with the team due to personal family reasons.

03/21/2018 – Leonard was with the team when they defeated the Washington Wizards that evening.

03/26/2018 – Leonard went to New York to continue his rehabilitation under his medical team (per ESPN).


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