Spurs news and notes: Parker on Ginobili, no tank job, and more


• San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker says he feels Manu Ginobili will play in game of the the Spur-Grizzlies game tomorrow after Manu suffered a hyperextended right elbow in the final regular season game for the Spurs:

“For me, it’s almost impossible he’s not going to play,” guard Tony Parker said. (nba.com)

• Grizzlies’ head coach Lionel Collins says his team did not “tank” the season in order to play the Spurs and hopes not to upset Spurs’ Tim Duncan:

“I just want to say this for Tim Duncan,” Hollins began.

“We did not tank the season so we can get the San Antonio Spurs,” he said. (nba.com)

• Express News’ Tim Griffin hands out his Spurs report card.

• Check out the Spurs’ practice report videos at Spurs.com.

• RedsArmy.com keeps a watchful eye on the Spurs.

• Former Spurs’ players Bobby Simmons and Marcus Cousin will be facing off in the D-League Finals. (themonitor.com)

• Former Spur Kirk Penney talks about being cut by the Spurs during training camp:

“It’s always difficult when you get cut from a team, regardless of the reasons,” he says. “But as you get older, you get pretty quick at changing your goals because you have to. (nzherald.co.nz)

• The city of San Antonio is celebrating it’s annual “Fiesta Week” and one event was a dog show/parade where a few pooches were dressed as Spurs players:

The float carried two Yorkies, one wearing a Tim Duncan dog jersey, the other Manu Ginobili’s No. 20, and a French poodle (what else?) as Tony Barker, er, Parker. (mysanantonio.com)