Mavs would probably like to borrow Ginobili


The Dallas Mavericks will face the Portland Trail Blazers in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs. Dallas will be trying erase any doubts people may have of them and their less-than-stellar playoff performances.

From being the number one seed in the 2007 NBA playoffs and getting eliminated by the eighth seeded Golden State Warriors, to being bounced out by the San Antonio Spurs in last year’s opening playoff round, it’s apparent the Mavericks want to have playoff success, especially after having another 50 plus win season.

However, would the Mavs like to borrow Spurs’ Manu Ginobili? More than likely, according to Craig Miller of Dallas’ SportsRadio 1310 when he was asked if he could borrow one player from the San Antonio Spurs to help Dallas in the playoffs.

Manu Ginobili from San Antonio easy. Mavs fans hate him, but he’s the opposite of Jason Terry — he’s the perfect postseason player. Smart, clutch, tough, good defender. The Mavs really need another guy like him.

First, is Miller implying Mavs’ Terry is not a perfect postseason player? Second, Spurs fans will agree Ginobili is the opposite of Terry, Ginobili has three NBA championship rings unlike Terry and the Mavs. Third, Miller said Manu is tough and the Mavs need another guy like him. Another implication that Dallas is soft?

Not only that, Ginobili is not a loud mouth, is humble, and doesn’t get into in-game arguments with teammates like Terry did with JJ Barea.

Other than that, smart pick Miller.