Steve Kerr: On court comedian


A quick break from the rumor mill to let San Antonio Spurs fans in on an on-the-court via

In an interview with, former Spurs guard Steve Kerr discussed among other things, trash talking on the court. Kerr shared this gem about him and former teammate Michael Jordan’s final year in the league.

“Well, one story that I actually didn’t tell on Open Court (NBA TV’s fantastic mini series) which I probably should have…we did a segment on trash talking. And I had forgotten until after the show that when Michael [Jordan] was playing with the [Washington] Wizards and I was with the [San Antonio] Spurs. It was the last year of my career and his. We ended up matched up with each other in transition in a cross-match. I got the ball isolated with him. I yelled out to my teammates, ‘I got a little one, clear out!’ And Michael started laughing because it was so preposterous. I started laughing and there was a picture in the paper the next day of him guarding me and both of us just cracking up laughing. [Laughs] And that was a really fun moment that the average fan doesn’t hear much about. I actually kicked myself the next day for not recounting the story on the show.”

Either Kerr or Brent Barry is the funniest former or current Spur.

I would’ve loved to have been courtside and see Kerr wave off his teammates and then playfully smack talk MJ. Did the crowd know what was happening? How would you react if you saw Steve Kerr and Michael Jordan busting a gut on the floor in the middle of the game? Better yet, how would you react seeing Michael Jordan in a Wizards jersey? That happened.