Spurs' Parker, Diaw: Nash will make Lakers a better team


One of the bigger offseason acquisitions so far has been the Los Angeles Lakers adding All-Star point guard Steve Nash considering this team needed a true point guard for a while. The Lakers tried a variety of point guards but those players were just not up to par to what the team needed.

Last season, the team saw Bryant at times dribbling the ball for most of the shot-clock before taking a shot. But now with Nash in the fold, players such as Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum, and the rest of the Lakers team will benefit from a player like Nash and make Los Angeles a team to watch. 

Of course seeing an improved Lakers team next season does hoist the them from a team on the decline to a team back in true title contention and a threat to the other Western Conference powers such as the San Antonio Spurs.

Tony Parker and Boris Diaw, who played with Nash in Phoenix, weighed in on the former NBA MVP joining the Lakers and both feel he will have a big impact with Los Angeles next season.

“It’s going to be interesting to see how they co-exist, him and Kobe,” said Spurs guard Tony Parker, who plays for France. “But I’m not worried (for the Lakers), because Steve loves to pass, and I’m sure loves to have Kobe on his side.”

“I think Steve is going to have a big impact,” said former Suns forward Boris Diaw, also playing for France. “Whatever he is doing, wherever he is going, he is always getting his teammates better. He’s going to have already very good teammates (in Los Angeles), so it’s tough to make them better. But he’ll find a way.”

Indeed Nash will have an immediate impact for Los Angeles. Parker has faced Nash for quite sometime, especially in the playoffs and knows first hand how much Nash can impact a team on the court. He will make his teammates better, constantly be looking for the open player, and making life easier on the court.

But the question now is will Nash be that much if the difference maker for Los Angeles? He isn’t the young player anymore but will provide the Lakers another veteran presence with much playoff experience. With Nash, one can expect Gasol, Bynum, Bryant and the rest of the Lakers to see their offensive stats improve but will it be enough for LA?

What do you think Spurs fans? Are you worried the Lakers are a threat to the Spurs and in the West not that they have Nash?