Blatche, Spurs rumors not totally serious at the moment


Andray BlatcheLast week, it was reported that the San Antonio Spurs, along with the world champion Miami Heat, were interested in recently amnestied forward Andray Blatche.  Some fans reacted excitedly, some threw up in their mouth and others shrugged their shoulders.  Sure, the Spurs need another big, but Blatche is known as a knucklehead. A super talented knucklehead, but a knucklehead nonetheless.  Well those of you that had to wash back some vomit rest easy, Washington Post reporter Michael Lee writes Blatche isn’t signing with anyone yet.

“San Antonio and Miami have both reportedly expressed exploratory interest in Blatche but teams have yet to make a serious pitch to employ the former Wizard, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.”

I’m in the shoulder shrug category on Blatche.  Yes, he’s a real talent but I don’t know how well he’d fit with the Spurs.  No, I don’t think his knucklehead tendencies would have affect team chemistry in any way.  If he doesn’t work out, he doesn’t work out.  If he does then great, the Spurs got a steal in free agency.

Another interesting name Lee mentioned that the Wizards were interested in is former Spur for a minute Anthony Tolliver.  Tolliver played with the Timberwolves the last couple of years (you might remember him as the guy who broke Manu Ginobili’s hand last year) and seems like he’d be an ideal fourth or fifth big for this Spurs team.  He’s a good but not great pick and roll defender and can hit an outside shot.  There has been absolutely no word on the Spurs and Tolliver, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear a link if summer turns in to fall and Tolliver is still looking for a job and the Spurs are still looking for a 15th guy to fill their roster.