Spurs Lottery Prospect Watch: Romeo Langford


While the season has just started, that doesn’t mean it’s too early to take a look at some NBA Draft prospects. The first several of these will look at lottery picks even if they may not be in the range of the Spurs’ potential pick.

While Las Vegas doesn’t think the team will make the playoffs, which could also be said of the latest Cowboys football betting odds, just about everyone disagrees with that prediction and believes the Spurs will be picking outside of the lottery once again. So without further ado, we get to today’s prospect to watch in Indiana guard Romeo Langford.

The 6-foot-6, 215-pound shooting guard is considered the best at his position in the upcoming draft class and it’s because he’s possibly the best shooter in the draft. He’s long, rangy and an underrated defender as it stands right now. Most draft predictors have him going in the top 10 and for good reason.

Langford is close to a complete package on offense as far as what’s needed at his position. He’s a superb shooter at all three levels and already has NBA range from beyond the arc. He’s also pretty automatic on fadeaways and step-backs to boot. Not only can he shoot from distance, but he gets to the tin pretty well too.

His freshman — and likely lone — season with the Hoosiers will test him in his ability to really get to the rack and generate some free throws. He is not known for getting to the charity stripe so if he can do that consistently then that will be one more box to check off for NBA scouting departments.

It was mentioned earlier that Langford is an underrated defender and that is certainly true. He has the length and determination to be a good defender and has shown that at the high school level at least by getting some blocks and contesting shots on the perimeter well. He gets good positioning on his opponents and exhibits discipline as well.

The young Hoosier will have to add some strength and fill out his frame if he wants to be truly successful at the next level. Of course, that will be the job of a nutritionist and the training staff to get him there at the NBA level. He’s also been a bit ball dominant for a shooting guard, but that will likely change with better players around him in college and the NBA once he gets there.


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