Spurs’ Green wouldn’t mind playing for Celtics


Danny Green was essential to the San Antonio Spurs last season. He played in every game and started more than half of them. While he put up some rather inconsistent numbers, he filled a solid role that the Spurs needed and he came a long way in his development this year. He started the season as one of the last guys on the bench and worked his way into the starting lineup and played more than 20 minutes a game in the playoffs (that number would be even higher but he didn’t match up well against the Thunder).

He’s a restricted free agent now and the Spurs will most likely match any offer that he gets. Recall the report that the Celtics were targeting Green and when asked about the possibility of playing for Boston by our friends at Red’s Army, he says he wouldn’t mind playing for the organization.

“They’re a winning organization, and I wouldn’t mind playing for another winning organization.  Of course San Antonio is my number 1 so hopefully they come through. [They’ve] got a lot of veterans… Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce.  San Antonio is the same with Tony, Manu and Timmy.  They’re a winning organization. They’re tough every year and a championship contender.”

The Celtics, like the Spurs or the Lakers are a team that draws in players just because of the tradition of the franchise.

Since the Spurs aren’t facing cap space issues like some other teams, and Green is a relatively inexpensive contract, I’m sure they’ll match any deal that’s offered, and we won’t have to worry about him continuing to develop and mature somewhere else.

Green said it himself that the Spurs are still his top choice, and keep in mind San Antonio has extended him an offer sheet, so I’m sure he’ll do what he can to make things easy. He’s just giving the smart answer, and who wouldn’t want to play in Boston?