Report: Spurs looking for center before negotiating with Lorbek


From what we last heard of Erazem Lorbek’s situation regarding a possible future between him andEL the San Antonio Spurs, Lorbek’s agent said Lorbek couldn’t speak with the Spurs until July 1. Well, five days into free agency, Lorbek has already received an offer from CSKA Moscow, and even an offer from his former team, FCB Regal to re-sign, but his future with the Spurs is still uncertain.

According to, Lorbek said the Spurs’ first priority is to target a physical center before continuing negotiations with the Slovenian.

According Lorbek, the Spurs’ first choice right now is a more physical center that plays 5.

This makes a lot of sense since names like Marcus Camby and Chris Kaman have surfaced five days into free agency on the Spurs’ list. The team is still working on re-signing Tim Duncan, but outside of that, there’s been little mention of whether or not they’ve begun renegotiating with Boris Diaw.

For now, as much as we know of the Spurs’ moves from reports is that they are negotiating a new deal with Duncan, have extended qualifying offers to both Danny Green and Patty Mills, and had French guard Nando De Colo in San Antonio for a physical as part of his contract negotiations.

Lorbek isn’t the ideal physical center, he’s got an arsenal in the post and can shoot from outside, but his defense will be suspect in the NBA, as well as his lack of athleticism and speed. As Lorbek waits patiently abroad to negotiate with the Spurs, it’ll be their in-country moves that will give hints if they’re going to bring over the Slovenian or not.