Green ready to work in Slovenia


DGFor San Antonio Spurs’ Danny Green, moving stateside to another part of the world has been a major life change. Going from San Antonio, Texas to his hometown of Long Island, New York, and now onto Slovenia in the span of three months has been a big adjustment.

The Slovenian site recently caught up with Green upon his landing in Slovenia to begin preparation to work with his new ball club, Union Olimpija.

Below are a few excerpts from the interview which was originally written in Slovenian.

With Olimpija you signed a contract with a clause that can return to the NBA when the lockout ends.


I am currently with thoughts focused only on Olimpija. The new team want to win as many matches, while progress and become a better player. The other players work hard to be the beginning of the season in the best possible shape.

The village is perhaps the arrival of former team-mate persuaded the University Deon Thompson, with whom he will join forces again in Olympia?

I knew that Deon return to Europe, but I thought it would be played again in Greece. When he learned that I came to Olympus, called me and said, ‘Hey, I heard you were coming. ” I was confused. I did not know what exactly to talk. Then I said that would come to Slovenia. Well, when we discovered that we played in the same team, I have decided to be better. At first I was nervous, I did not know what to expect, I was a little scared, but when I learned that there is Deon, I quickly decided.

Will play in the Euroleague is a great motivation for you?

Of course. Wherever I play, I’m very motivated. It always has to be proved. I want to move and win. This alone I am extremely motivated. I am extremely competitive man.

For Green, having someone whom he used to play with in college is a major plus in transitioning to life in another country. Thompson will be there to guide Green both on and off of the court in the Euroleague.

Green will also get the opportunity to play with a face assocciated with the Spurs, that face belongs to the 2011 second round draft pick Davis Bertans. Green can assess the in’s and out’s of Bertans’ game as he’ll be travelling and playing basketball with him during the course of the NBA lockout. 

(Photo: Matthew Povse)