Rumor: ‘The Spurs are up to something’ as draft approaches


The San Antonio Spurs are known for being extremely quiet on the trade front in the Gregg Popovich era, but there are growing reasons to believe things will be different this season.

After missing the playoffs for the first time this century, there’s no question the team needs to make some changes to make it back. Team success with DeMar DeRozan and LaMarcus Aldridge as its centerpieces hasn’t been as successful as the team hoped. While nothing is set in stone, speculation has been rampant about the Spurs looking to move one or both of them.

On Wednesday morning, more fuel was added to the Spurs’ trade rumor fire, as Yahoo Sports NBA writer Keith Smith shared what he’s been hearing on Twitter. “Multiple teams have told me versions of, “Spurs are up to something. It’s rare for them, but they are talking to lots of people,” said Smith.

This is almost unheard of when you think of how the Spurs have handled trades in the past. Even when they’ve made big signings or trades, there’s usually been very little chatter besides pure speculation leading up to them.

While it’s true that noise does usually pick up near draft time, San Antonio is rarely one of the teams mentioned. Contacting multiple teams at this point is probably something every GM in the league is doing. Still, it’s rare for a prominent member of the media to specifically call out the Spurs for their activity.

The next 10 days will be huge for the Spurs. They will have the 11th pick in the NBA Draft (unless they trade up), and free agency will start two days after that, on November 20th.

At this point, it would be a surprise if San Antonio isn’t involved in some moves very soon.


  1. i say the spurs are ready to turn the page on both Derozan and Aldridge. And maybe they are trying to see if they can include Rudy in one of the packages to move up the draft or get something in return. i’m the lone spurs fan that would trade away Dejounte for a higher pick or future pick. White, Lonnie, KJ and grooming Quinndary for garbage time role is enough guards. With Patty of course. And since Everyone thinks Bryn is gone. Draft a wing/PF and try to bring back Poeltl.

  2. Glad to hear the Spurs are being active.Hope they do try to move up in draft. If they are really liking someone in the spot they trade to. I believe they have a really good guard base right now, time to start working on them wings either thru draft or trades. Just hope they don’t trade for someone that has an expiring contract comming up or someone that has a over rated contract, in other words to much money for that particular player. I think either way they go they are definitely going in the right direction. Its an exciting time now if your a Spurs fan..Keep the faith cause it won’t be long until we’re competing for the playoffs again and beyond that too.


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