Rockets Outlast Spurs 122-110 In San Antonio

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Photo via: Reginald Thomas/Spurs/

The Houston Rockets zoomed over to the Alamo City to face the San Antonio Spurs. This Texas showdown did not end how fans expected after two thrilling wins by the home team. The Rockets made a comeback in the second half, leading to a win with a double-digit lead. The Spurs fell to the Rockets 110-122 due to a disagreeable second half. 

The first two quarters were the most exhilarating to watch. The shooting was more up to par with three-pointers being their safety net. There were 11 made three-pointers in the first half alone. Devonte Graham had 5 of them out of his 7 attempts.

Stronger by the Graham

Graham possessed 20 points before halftime, 15 of them being three-pointers and the rest coming from free throws. He ended the night as the leading scorer with 28 points.  I asked the 28-year-old what skills he finds himself working on while being on a developing squad that he may have not focused on in the past. 

“…Backdooring, like I didn’t necessarily backdoor a lot in my career since I’ve been in the NBA. That’s kind of something I’m trying to do better as I watch film with Pop… moving off the ball pretty much, you can get better at anything.”  

No Shots Going In, No Shot At The Win  

As a unit, the Spurs were shooting at 55% for the first 24 minutes of playing time. That percentage fell to a drastic decline after the half. Their shooting ability fell to 37% in the third, and even worse to 31% in the fourth quarter. 

A lower shooting rate combined with multiple overs allowed Hoston to acquire a lead. This left San Antonio in a familiar position of trailing behind. Although they seemed to have dropped the ball down to the wire, Coach Popovich was proud of their effort. “I think overall, really pleased with the effort. All those different lineups out there make it difficult for those guys… their effort was great.”

If you can remember the last double matchup with the Utah Jazz you would recall the Spurs making a surprise comeback the second time they faced that organization. This could be the memo with the Rockets. Hopefully, they will watch the film tomorrow and develop a game plan to bring back home another win.

Patients is Key

San Antonio is set to meet the Rockets at center court at the Toyota Center in Houston at 6 pm. Right now the Rockets still stand at 15th in the western conference with a record of 14-49.  This is their first win in 11 games. Coach Popovich emphasized how important patience was for young squads in a position like these two dwelling at the bottom. It’s clear, however, they are both looking for a win. Could Houston pull out their second in a row like San Antonio? 


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