Pop on coaching against Sloan-less Jazz


San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich discussed what it will be like for the first time coaching against the Jazz without Jerry Sloan.

“Things change, we all move on and Jerry was the grandest, he was the most consistent coach in the whole league year after year after year,” Popovich said. “He set such a great example for the rest of us but Tyrone has the same juice. He’s got the same fiber.”

Popovich said he plans on playing his starters these last three games but doesn’t want to overplay them.

“Our concern is to keep consistent and keep a rhythm as we get into next weekend,” Popovich said. “We’re certainly not going to overplay anybody.”

I spoke with Jazz point guard Earl Watson before the game about what it will take for the Jazz to beat the Spurs:

“We understand the mindset and the importance of them to come out and play at a high level, (we) have to match their level at the same time and stay together as a team and do what we do,” Watson said.

The Jazz recently defeated the Los Angeles Lakers at in Los Angeles on Tuesday night, and Watson said that win might give the Jazz some momentum coming into tonight’s game against another Western Conference contender.

“It gives good momentum coming back on the road.”