Cuban hopes Beaubois will be more like Parker


Quick and can penetrate into the lane and finish at the basket. San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker has been described as such during his NBA career but another French basketball product — Dallas Mavericks’ Rodrigue Beaubois — is also considered one of the fastest players in the NBA but unlike Parker, doesn’t have the all-around game.

However, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban hopes to see Beaubois pattern more of his game like Parker’s, especially the ability to finish at the rim:

Because of Beaubois speed and ability to get up the floor quickly, some people have described him as a poor man’s Tony Parker. But unlike the San Antonio Spurs’ All-Star playmaker, Beaubois has a long ways to go before he’s a polished NBA player.

“Tony developed at finishing at the bucket,’’ Cuban said. “So hopefully he’ll develop that as well.’’

Indeed Beaubois has a long ways to go to be like Parker but in the interim, the Mavericks will need him if they are to make a long playoff run. Although it would be interesting to see these two players face off should the Mavericks and Spurs meet once again in the post-season.