Parker, De Colo in San Antonio for physical evaluation


According to the official Twitter handle of Equipe France Basket, San Antonio Spurs draftee Nando DeNDC Colo has been flown into San Antonio for a physical evaluation with the Spurs before he begins contract negotiations with the team. De Colo will return to France on Friday (July 6) to continue his preparation with Les Bleus for the 2012 Olympic games in London.

Here’s the tweet from France Basketball:

Nando De Colo est à San Antonio pour passer des tests physiques dans le cadre de sa négociation de contrat avec les Spurs. Retour le 6.

Translated: Nando De Colo is in San Antonio to pass physical tests as part of its contract negotiations with the Spurs. Back on 6.

So long as De Colo passes his physical, it seems like he’s now a guaranteed lock to be on the Spurs’ 2012-13 roster next season. This move could mean the team might already have a deal set in place with Tim Duncan, while it brings into question whether they’ll match offers for Danny Green or Patty Mills, their two restricted free agents on the open market right now.

Spurs guard Tony Parker is also in San Antonio for a medical evaluation of his injured eye, which will take place July 5.

By now you know TP injured his eye when he found himself caught up in the middle of a New York City nightclub brawl between two music pop star which has his play for the French national team in the 2012 Olympics in doubt.

Surely the Spurs are making sure Parker’s injured eye is healing but the fact he is headed back to France shouldn’t be a sign he will suit up for France in London. Depending on how severe his eye injury is and how it is healing will determine his playing status for France. He could be heading back to France to simply be there to support his teammates from the sidelines. However, knowing the Spurs, they probably will be urging him to sit out the Olympics if they determine he needs to rest up and avoid further risks.

What do you have to say Spurs fans? Like it or not, De Colo is coming to the Spurs next season.