The Game takes issue with Parker’s suit of Manhattan nightclub


Tony ParkerIf San Antonio Spurs guard Tony Parker thought the only people opposing his lawsuit of of W.i.P, a nightclub in SoHo, were the clubs owners, he apparently thought wrong.

Parker, who is no stranger to rap/hip-hop music himself is the subject of a few new verses added to a remix of The Game’s Burn (h/t

The Game is no stranger to dissing NBA Players with shots fired in the past to Chris Bosh, LeBron James, LeBron James again and LeBron James one more time.

Here are the specific rap lyrics, with the audio to the video further below:

“We ain’t thrown’ bottles, n—-a, we goon’ get them hammers in/
Tony Parker’s suing/ Real n—as know that’s that ho s—.”

As was referenced above, The Game has a knack for dissing NBA players. Perhaps this is all an attempt to keep himself relevant.

I’m not sure anyone should be up in arms at Parker suing the nightclub, especially when there’s been some talk about the injury being worse than originally reported. The fact Parker could have had serious damage to his eye that could have made a huge impact on his career is enough reason to sue.

I would question whether The Game would take a passive approach and not sue if serious damage had been done to his vocal chords or anything that affects his career. If he was in danger of being unable to produce another album, I have a feeling he’d be in line to sue the club right behind Parker.