Parker apparently not liked


By now, most everyone has heard that Kris Humphries is the most hated player in the NBA, edging out LeBron James according to Forbes. The whole list is not much of a surprise: three Heat players, two Lakers (three if you count Odom), and a handful of others who generally come off as being too cocky for their own good. But if you scroll down the list to number four, there’s a name San Antonio Spurs fans might not expect — Tony Parker.

Parker does come off as a little full of himself sometimes, but obviously that’s not what got him on the list. Since he doesn’t play in New York or L.A. he’d have to do something pretty notable to make the top 10. I think (allegedly) cheating on one of America’s sweethearts with your former teammate’s wife would probably do it. 

Look at the guys that Parker beat out to get fourth: Metta World Peace, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh. TP isn’t nearly as annoying as any of those guys on the court. The people who voted must really like Eva Longoria. 

I’d be interested to see what Spurs think about this ranking. Does he really deserve to be on this list? I could probably think of a handful of players that are more deserving to be on this list, and I’m not even a big Parker fan. 

I would also like to know how many people who voted in this poll are regular watchers of the E! Network. How many voters keep up with the Kardashians more than they do with the NBA?