Blair to be Santa Claus for good cause


San Antonio Spurs forward DeJuan Blair will have time to relax after his team defeated the Houston Rockets Wednesday night in the preseason finale. But, Blair will be getting a new job on Friday, he’ll be exchanging his Spurs jersey for a Santa Claus outfit.

Blair and his family will be teaming up with the Elf Louise Christmas Project on Friday, December 23 at 3 PM (CST) to deliver presents to the less fortunate children at the Rosemont at Highland Park Apartment Complex in San Antonio, Texas. This will mark the 13th consecutive year that the Spurs have worked alongside the Elf Louise project.

The Elf Louise Christmas project is dedicated to providing joy to Bexar County’s less fortunate children. The project was originally started by a Trinity University student in 1969. At the time, the project helped 13 families receive gifts for Christmas. Today, the project has grown to help over 60,000 children receive presents.

As Blair prepares to be Santa for the day, all of those presents will be priceless to him as he will get to see the smiles on each of the children’s faces that he delivers the presents.

A charitable event like this is why I’m most glad the NBA and players didn’t lockout the entire season. What if projects like this one weren’t able to happen because of millionaires arguing about money?

In the end, these children’s heroes are the players, they’ll maybe grow up one day to be players themselves or fans of the NBA teams. I’m glad the lockout ended just before the Holiday season so teams like the Spurs can continue these priceless holiday traditions.

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