No Spurs included in NBA 2K12’s upcoming ‘Legends Showcase’


Since NBA 2K12 didn’t include the 2011-12′ NBA rookies, the game has decided to give fans a treat with a new expansion pack that will be coming out soon.

The “Legends Showcase” expansion pack will allow fans to add even more “Legends” to the game so that they’ll get to experience what it would have been like for Chris Paul to go head-to-head with Bob Cousy.

But as Crossover Chronicles’ and Project Spurs’ Jeff Garcia pointed out, some of these players shouldn’t be considered “legends” at all.

However, I would like to give some friendly advice to the game developers. I wouldn’t classify Cedric Ceballos, Glen Rice, Shawn Bradley, Steve Smith or Dee Brown (to name a few) as NBA legends. Kind of stretching it here 2K12. Unless you want your virtual self to posterize Shawn Bradley then by all means I am all for him being included!

However, there is one more huge flaw for San Antonio Spurs fans looking to purchase this once it is released. It’s the fact that of the new additional legends, none of them will be wearing a Spurs uniform. The game does includes former Spurs players Artis Gilmore, Steve Smith, Sleepy Floyd and Dale Ellis, but neither player will be wearing the silver and black.

Check out the complete list (via Crossover Chronicles) of new legends coming to your favorite gaming console soon.

OK Spurs fans, let’s correct this injustice. Which other Spurs legends would you like to see added to this roster? Mike Mitchell would be my pick.

P.S. Is the lockout almost over?