No Excuses


Oh the ways the Spurs make me suffer. One night after they have me celebrating, they put me through this. Let’s be honest. Everyone can come up with excuses and say they were tired after coming back to beat the Rockets last night, but they just played like crap.
At the end of the season, 82 games is 82 games whether they come on back-to-backs or 3-day rests and the Spurs let one get away tonight. The worse part about it: they lost to chumps. The Charlotte Bobcats. It didn’t bother me as much knowing they had lost their only game of the season against the Cleveland Cavaliers, but the Charlotte Bobcats!
They screwed up out of the gate by not putting their feet in the throats of a young team and putting them away early. Instead they gave them life and belief that they could beat a team like the Spurs. Not only that, but where the hell was the defense.You don’t win NBA titles by playing defense when you want to or feel like it. Altogether, it was just a disappointing night for the Spurs.
By the way, I don’t care how many points Tony Parker scores, he should have been benched in the fourth. I was calling for Beno for most of the fourth because obviously playing back-to-backs is too much for Tony’s busy schedule. He needs to know the difference between playing like an NBA point guard and leading your team one night and walking with Eva Longoria through a park the next, because he seemed all too relaxed with the ball. 25 and 5 doesn’t impress me for a starting NBA point guard when you have 6 turnovers next to it.
The Spurs ended up losing 95-92 in overtime. Let’s hope they recover quickly, because Ben Wallace won’t be so gentle shoving his foot up the Spurs collective ass if they play like this on Friday.
-Michael A. De Leon