McGrady to decide between China or NBA soon


In China, one popular social media application very similar to Twitter is called On Saturday, Tracy McGrady, a free agent fresh off a visit to the NBA Finals with the San Antonio Spurs, took to Weibo to announce that he will be making a decision soon on his official website (H/T Pro Basketball Talk) about where his next career destination will be: the NBA or China.

McGrady, now 34 years old, didn't play much in the Spurs' run to the Finals this past June and received occasional minutes when games were already out of reach. Due to numerous injuries over his playing career, McGrady has never been able to reach the level of being a dominant scorer like he was in the prime of his career. 

He and Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant are both the same age but assuming Bryant fully recovers from his recent injury, it's clear McGrady's injuries throughout his career have taken a dramatic toll on his body. If McGrady chooses the NBA, like PBT wrote, he would most likely just be invited to a training camp and would have to work hard to earn a roster space.

He can still bring veteran leadership to a locker room and can be an extra body in practice for the younger players to develop from and learn, but it's clear he won't be able to reach his old "T-Mac" status he once had in his prime. If McGrady chooses China, a place where he's glorified, it could be a quiet comfortable end to his basketball career.

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