Ginobili welcomes Belinelli to the team, requests tortellini

Marco Belinelli will be one of the new faces on the San Antonio Spurs team this season.
Just a couple of days ago, Manu Ginobili gave us a glimpse that he and Belinelli will be neighbors this year in the locker room.


Translated Manu is telling Marco that he will see him soon and to bring him some tortellini.

Belinelli has looked up to Ginobili for a long time dating back to his days in Italy. The combination of the two off the bench will be intriguing to see this coming year. Belinelli, who comes from a defensive minded Chicago Bulls team, should fit right in with his ability to space the floor. He’s known for his shooting ability, but showed some toughness this past year for the first time on the defensive end.

Belinelli has the ability to help take some of the burden off of Ginobili with the second unit, as he’s capable of handling the ball and creating his own shot. This past year, Ginobili has heavily used as the primary ball handler off the bench. This left a huge weight on his shoulders since he would either be assisting or scoring on a made bucket, or consequently turning the ball over. So Ginobili was the center point of for a lot of deserved criticism. This year will be interesting to see if the Spurs take some of the load off of Ginobili and use Belinelli to help him create some offense off the bench. 
Expect the two to easily get along both on and off the court. 
Do Spurs fans think Belinelli will help take the work load off of Ginobili?